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We live in a very busy world where Multi-tasking is the order of the day. Have you ever found yourself taking notes on your phone and performing some other random activities at the same time? Very tiring right? Yes, it is! Well, thanks to the web for making available a feature that would allow us to read out words/sentences while our device takes the notes for us.

In this article, we will learn about SpeechRecognition Web API, another component of the Web Speech API that is used to convert Voice to Texts, and then build a simple Web application that…

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If you’ve ever felt bored/tired of reading an Article or felt like you needed someone to help you read aloud the content of a magazine, then you are not alone. I have felt so too! This is the major reason I decided to write this piece to help Web Developers build something very simple to solve this huge problem.

In this article, I’d discuss what a Web API is, and how to use SpeechSynthesis API, to convert Texts to speech in different voices.

According to Wikipedia’s Definition of API: API(Application Programming Interface) is an interface that defines interactions between multiple…

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The Increase in the advancement of Technology is something everyone benefits from today. This turn of events has greatly affected various sectors but in this post, we are more concerned about the Web and its significant advancements. The continuous improvement on the Web has made a whole lot of web processes faster and easier, increased User Experience, and has generally benefited both the Developers and the users.

In this article, we will learn about API, Browser APIs and learn further about the different types of modern Browser APIs available on the Web.

What are APIs?

According to Wikipedia’s Definition of API: API(Application Programming…


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